Post Production:

Audio: Half the experience, just add video


Post-Production is part of the process of creating video and audio content. It is a well-orchestrated and highly collaborative process as it involves multiple specialized disciplines. Audio post-production covers all audio disciplines of the process namely: dialogue editing, sound design and foley, music production and score, audio editing and restoration, voice over and ADR and final mix. Post-production entails both audio and visual elements and weaving them together to create a coherent multi-sensory experience in the form of…

feature films | tv series | commercials | corporate presentations | radio spots stereoscopic 3D | 5.1 cinema commercials | youtube videos | instagram stories

Final Mix

Our studio offers a Pro tools HD 5.1 mixing environment with a vast array of plug-ins and hardware that allows us to tailor your mix for both cinema, TV or any other broadcast medium. Our engineers have a wealth of experience with feature films, series and commercials both locally and internationally.

Deliverables & Versioning

Whether you are mixing for film, TV or any other platform, more often than not it is not just the 5.1 or stereo mix that is needed at the end. Almost all productions now require “deliverables”. We’ve got your stems covered from M&E, Vo/Comm, Music, FX and sync. Need to go to a different frame rate ? No problem! Pull up / Pull down conversions and sample rate conversions, levels EBU, ITU.

Sound Design & Foley

Sound Design & Foley is our passion and your picture is only as good as it sounds. With an expansive sound effects library, field recorders and foley artists we will bring anything to life and create the right soundscape for your story.

Voice Talent Management and Bookings

Let us help find the right voice for your project from our network of professional talent agencies and independent voice actors. We can quickly find the right voice to deliver your message in the correct language, accent, vocal tone, age range, gender.

Original Music Production & Score

We understand that music is a major story telling tool and the essential ingredient for underlying emotions of the message you want to convey. Film score is an integral component of our full range of audio post-production services and our artists and producers offer bespoke film scoring and music production including, composition, arranging, orchestration and supervision.

Dialogue Editing

Dialogue draws the most attention from a listener, it is arguably the most important element in audio post-production. We carefully select best takes where applicable, clean them up in editing and remove background noises if and where needed. Then we will level-match the dialogue so it is consistent before reaching the mixing stage.

Editing & Restoration

We utilise the best tool sets for restoring and repairing audio. Our processes isolate and eliminate audio artifacts like scratches, clicks, crackles and hums as well as unwanted production elements like wind, microphone bumps, and brushes. We can vastly improve the sound quality of an inferior recording and clarify the primary audio.

Voice Over & ADR

Voice over, narration, dialogue recording & ADR – equipped to handle local, ISDN, Source Connect or Skype ADR sessions and provide a large range of microphone options.