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Perplexia Pictures specialises in the development, writing, and production of content aimed at the family entertainment market. Perplexia Pictures was founded by former Jim Henson Television president Angus Fletcher and Ronald Henry, who launched The Flying Circus, South Africa’s biggest motion-capture production house.

Red Rabbit partnered with Perplexia Pictures to complete all post-production work for their 2018 slate of feature films. The work consisted of all aspects of post-production including but not limited to editorial, compositing, music composition, final mix, colour grade, foley, ADR and final distribution masters. As the feature films were shot in Mauritius, posted in South Africa and the producers were based in the United Kingdom, a unique custom-designed digital post-production workflow was developed in-house, deployed and implemented. To add complexity to the workflow, the slate consisted of 4 x 85-minute features that were filmed back-to-back in succession over a period of roughly 42 days. All four features were posted simultaneously by Red Rabbit and were successfully completed over a period of 10 months.

We look forward to Perplexia Pictures’s 2020 slate.

Perplexia’s 2018/19 slate’s international distribution rights of A Horse Called Wish, The House on Seahorse Bay, Camp Getaway and Inspector Sunshine have been acquired by UK-based Jetpack Distribution.




Perplexia Pictures




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