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Red Rabbit Post Production

Post-Production is part of the process of creating video and audio content. It is a well-orchestrated and highly collaborative process as it involves multiple specialized disciplines namely editorial, audio, special effects, graphics, colour correction and final mastering. Post-production entails editing of audio and visual elements and weaving them together to create a coherent multi-sensory experience in the form of…

feature films | tv series | commercials | corporate presentations | radio spots | stereoscopic 3D | 5.1 cinema commercials | youtube videos | instagram stories

Red Rabbit Media - Digital

Digital is any technical or creative work that is implemented on or for an online platform/service. Digital is an ever evolving service as technology constantly changes and advances, we need to evolve with it and embrace its new innovations and opportunities. We offer digital services in the form of…

website development & maintenance | digital online content management | cloud storage | IoT | Post-production pipelines and workflows | social media campaigns | digital analytics 

Red Rabbit - Mastering
Red Rabbit Media - Mastering

Mastering or content services is the process of creating, localization and distributiion of final master files. Mastering is technical by nature and with the multitude of specifications for various formats , platforms and standards and has become almost a dark art.

digital and physical distribution | theatrical distribution | encoding and transcoding | cloning and duplication | advanced formatting | format conversion | DCP encoding and encryption | KDM creation | dvd and blu-ray authoring | quality check