Digital is just a series of zeros and ones but the mystery is knowing where to place them to make the magic come alive

Red Rabbit - Digital

We consider digital as any technical or creative work that is implemented specifically on or for an online platform/service. As digital forms part of the 4th industrial revolution, it is vital to be a part of it and to learn and adapt so we can evolve and offer our clients the best possible services available. Services we offer include web design, web development and maintenance, digital asset management, cloud storage and archive, and consultation and implementation of digital post-production pipelines and workflows.

Disaster Recovery - BackUp & Archive

Backup and archive should be a part of any organizations business continuity and disaster recovery strategy. We offer a simple secure backup and archive solution that is cloud based which allows for multiple tiers of security and convenience without the risk of physical loss and damage, logistics and slow turnaround times.

Web Design

Web design refers to the user experience aspects of both the aesthetics and its usability of a website. The various disciplines include web graphic design, authoring, interface design, user experience, search engine optimization. Having designed websites for both corporate and creative clients, we have the scope and track record to empower your online presence.

Web Development

Web development focuses on the functionality of a website. Using both traditional and the latest programming technologies like HTML5, AJAX, Javascript, PHP, Responsive Design, a variety of programming languages and frameworks, we bring life to your website.

Website Maintenance and Support

Website maintenance is required to keep your site current, safe and online. Checking log files, acting on security notices, up-to-date software and web trends / practices is just part of the services our team offers.

Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the process of collection, delivery, governance, retrieval and overall management of content. We can assist you with managing your digital content, storing it for both immediate access and long term archive, access control, store and forward and ensuring your content logistics is taken care of.

Post-Production Pipelines & Workflows

Pipelines and workflows are safe guarded secrets and more often than not it is only known to the specialists who custom designed and built them. Technology and innovation advances at such a rapid pace that if your pipeline or workflow is outdated, you will never be able to regain the time lost or be able to leverage off technology. We have built and streamlined multiple studios and IT environments, let us share some of our trade secrets.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is marketing that utilizes social media platforms to connect with your audience, build your brand, increase sales and drive website traffic. We can assist with your social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the next platform that comes …