Video: Half the experience, just add audio


Post-Production is part of the process of creating and enhancing video and audio content. It is a well-orchestrated and highly collaborative process as it involves multiple specialized disciplines. Video post-production covers all visual disciplines of the process namely editorial, visual effects, graphic design, motion graphics, colour grading and typography. Post-production entails both audio and visual elements and weaving them together to create a coherent multi-sensory experience in the form of…

feature films | tv series | commercials | corporate presentations | radio spots stereoscopic 3D | 5.1 cinema commercials | youtube videos | instagram stories

Offline Editing

Offline editing is the process of assembling the raw footage into a coherent visual story. It is the creative form of editing, where the pace, rhythm and timing of the story is slowly moulded together. The structure and overall feel is developed by using specific camera angles, cuts and transitions which aid the overall visual feel of the story. We have edited both feature films and tv commercials and understand the intricacies and the various styles to bring your story to life as envisioned.

Timed Text - Subtitling, SDH & Closed Captions

Subtitling, Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) and closed captioning allows the viewer to follow the story without needing to understand the spoken language. It has become a prevalent requirement for delivery to broadcasters and OTT services alike. We have delivered both locally and intentionally and can assist you with your next project.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics blends visual communication with motion storytelling and audio to create an engaging and compelling packaged content. It allows design elements to come to life and engage with audiences in a unique way. From corporate explainer videos to sleek logo animations, we can assist you with your next project.

Online Editing

Online editing is the aesthetic process of combining all visual elements together to form the final polished master file. Colour graded high resolution visuals are assembled back into the offline structure, together with any graphics, text or visual effects, and added to the final audio mix to form the master file.

Visual Effects

Visual effects is where imagination comes to life. From green screen to pack shot replacements, our experienced specialists can make your next effect shot a reality.


Design is understanding layout, composition, corporate identity, typography, formats and the ability to interpret your idea with direction from your brief and to add our creativity. We offer contemporary, eye catching designs for any application ranging from film posters to digital billboards.

Colour Grading

Colour grading is the process of enhancing visuals by adjusting contrast, colour, saturation, chroma, colour balance, highlights, shadows and just about anything to do with colour. A certain “look” or “style” can be created as a creative decision to complement the mood or genre of the film/video. Our experienced colourist can turn your visuals into a visual masterpiece.


Presentations are often overfilled with text and graphics trying to squeeze as much information as possible on a powerpoint or keynote slide. Let us assist you in assembling a professional and engaging presentation thats hold just the right amount of info with easy to understand graphics for your next presentation.