Technical specifications and distribution done to order

Red Rabbit Mastering

Mastering or content services is the process of creating and distributing final master files. Mastering is highly technical by nature and with the multitude of specifications for various formats, platforms and standards, has become a dark art. Services include but not limited to localisation, digital and physical disk distribution, theatrical distribution, encoding and duplication, advanced formatting and conversion. Platforms range from cinema deliveries both on HDD and digital deliveries to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, VIU,  Disney+ to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or tv channels like MNET, Discovery, MTV and on-demand viewing such as You Tube and Airline VODs. For each of these broadcasting models there are different technical specifications your content must adhere to. Our mastering and content distribution services take care of these technical specifications and strict inspections on your behalf.

Deliverables & Versioning

Each platform is unique and often requires specific formatted files for content to be able to be played out. We can reformat, encode and version your master files to meet each specific platform’s requirements from theatrical to social media.

DCP Encoding

At Red Rabbit we use the Rohde & Schwarz DVS Clipster and Fuze systems from which are the industry benchmark for mastering and finishing. We offer DCP encoding that is faster than real-time for 4K and 1080 resolution, 2D and stereoscopic DCI compliant files.

DCP Encryption & KDM Generation

With the DVS Clipster we can both encrypt and generate KDM for cinema distribution. Rohde & Schwarz are well known and trusted throughout the film industry for producing the best quality DCP encodes and the most reliable, encrypted and unencrypted digital cinema content.

Quality Assurance and Validation Process

Our quality control and validation process allows for various levels of technical checks on master files. The process can be validated against set technical specifications or specific platform requirements. We offer both a technical check via specialized software as well as being scrutinized by eye by one of our highly experienced mastering specialists.


Distribution is the logistics behind delivering the right content to the right location  at the right time. Be it distribution via physical hard-drives or digital transfers, we have the proven track record, the means and the connectivity to assist however big or small your requirements are.

Cloning & Duplication

Ensuring content is cloned and duplicated to the final digital bit is vital for the successful play-out of any content. We have cloned and duplicated over 1000 titles both in digital and physical copies and we ensure every copy is verified against the master.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the ability to transmit a live event to another screen via a telecommunications channel. From guest speakers at a movie premiere to live performances on stage, we have streamed such events to cinemas, LED and online platforms.

DVD & Blu Ray Authoring

From DVD screeners to fully authored DVD’s and Blu-rays, we can ensure your final masterpiece is to specification and ready for retail duplication.