What services we offer and what makes Red Rabbit unique…

Red Rabbit - Service Offering

Red Rabbit is a digital media studio specializing in video and audio post-production, mastering and digital services.

We have the perfect balance between creativity and technical ability that allows us to be creative artists with the ability and expertise to implement and execute your project to specification. We are unique and agile as we offer clients the ability to work virtually, anytime and anywhere. We offer the ability to collaborate with specialists or teams across multiple geographic locations, various timezones, delivering high-performance output that is both cost-effective and on-time. Download our services guide for a sneak peek into our service offerings.

What makes Red Rabbit unique ?

We are out-of the box thinkers, looking for innovative ways to make work seem less like work, and more like fun. Our technical and creative skillset covers multiple disciplines, allowing us to create high-quality content, on time, delivered anywhere in the world.

When can we work with Red Rabbit ?

Anytime you have an idea in concept stage or near the end of a multi-year project, please reach out. We cover multi-disciplines and can offer services in the various stages of content creation from concept to final delivery.

Where can we find Red Rabbit ?

We are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa but we work with anybody, anywhere. Red Rabbit leverages off technology which allows us to service clients globally and have access to multiple artists and content creators from around the world.

Why work with Red Rabbit ?

We merge artist talent with technology, offering high quality post-production, mastering and digital services at lower costs. We offer flexible scheduling, allowing the last minute jobs to be prioritised, or any small changes to be done p.d.q (pretty damn quick). Combining professionalism with an approachable work ethic, expertise and experience, we can assist you with your next project.

How Does Red Rabbit Work ?

Our pipeline is custom designed to accommodate both onsite and virtual workflows be it at our studio or in the comfort of your office or home. You can work directly or at arms length, as our workflow allows you to brief, comment, approve and issue delivery instructions at your convenience. Our robust workflow is designed around you, allowing you to get on with your tasks while we take care of all your post-production, mastering and digital needs in the background.