Castle Lite Unlocks – JCole

The brief was: How do we build hype with regards to the promotion of an Castle Lite sponsored international artist using a very high resolution outdoor digital LED board in Sandton?

The solution: By integrating Twitter into the LED billboard, social media was used to drive the hype surrounding the reveal and event.

Starting with a screen only showing live Tweets, the campaign used the volume of incoming Tweets to reveal an image of J Cole pixel by pixel over the duration of the day.  Initially the image appeared blurred, however, as the day progressed the reveal of J Cole increased in speed as the Tweet frequency increased.

So, based on the 380,000 pixels available, the number and frequency of Tweets was used to calculate the number of pixels that needed to be shown every loop, and then de-pixelate a random area of the image.

The more incoming Tweets, the faster the de-pixelate process started to run, until finally, 100% of the reveal was available.




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