Red Rabbit Media Recognized as a Top Video Production Firm in South Africa by Clutch




Red Rabbit

Here at Red Rabbit Media, we make post production easy for you! Making a massive number of videos can be tough if your team doesn’t have the in-house bandwidth. But hey, we are here to assist you and change your perception about it! We will help your story move along, convey your vision, and make sure the tone is set for every scene you need. Our team is composed of experts when it comes to post-production, mastering, and digital.

That’s why it is an honour for us to be recognized by Clutch as a top video production company in South Africa for 2020! Our impressive track record has finally led us to this moment. We are forever thankful to our clients who trusted us with their exceptional post production projects.

Clutch is a B2B research organization based in Washington, DC. Their team of business analysts collects and examines data from a wealth of sources to identify top B2B companies. They help connect businesses with the best service providers or consultants for their needs. We’re delighted for the amazing work that Clutch does!

“We are grateful to our clients for their continued support, and to Clutch for this recognition and award. From day one to today, we have always remained true to our mission and vision of providing high quality product matched with exceptional customer service with every project that we are apart of”  Anthony Yew, MD